What We Do

As a core value of iMethods, Our Community is a priority and has significant impact on our lives. Our community includes not only our internal employees, but also our candidates, consultants, clients, and the Jacksonville area as a whole. At iMethods, we believe that we should strive to serve in all that we do, and Hire Purpose Foundation gives everyone a chance to do just that.

Our Initiatives

Hire Purpose Foundation is run by a collective effort of all of the employees of iMethods. In the past, we have raised money in various ways to be able to reach out to families in need, and volunteered at local events to support our community. We take pride in volunteering our efforts with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, MaliVai Washington Foundation, City Rescue Mission, and among others community outreach efforts.

We strive to commit to several events for Hire Purpose Foundation every quarter. Along with that, we use the money we have raised through fundraising to reach out and show support to any family in need that we have a connection with. This includes anything from damage to one’s home to terminal illness in the family. Our ultimate goal is to show our support and compassion to those in need in a special way.