Michee Zydiak

Hire Purpose Foundation Board Member

Michée Zydiak is a solution-driven Lead Healthcare IT Recruiter at iMethods.  She started her career in 2008 in high-volume recruiting, and she has experience across various industries and sectors, most of which have been IT.  She is passionate about helping others and strives to lead candidates to the right opportunities that best align with their career and family goals.  Michée possesses excellent relational and listening skills and she works tirelessly to meet clients’ and candidates’ needs.

Michée Zydiak is originally from Jacksonville, FL, but she now resides in Denver, CO.  She loves the outdoors and is passionate about fitness and nutrition.  She also enjoys audiobooks, serving at her local church and spending time with her family.

“What I love most about working for iMethods is the company culture.  It’s a unique workplace where we are surrounded by leaders and teammates who care more about you as an individual than what you can do for the company.  Our leadership is intentional, effective, and passionate about our growth and development, regularly challenging us to be better.  It’s impossible to work at iMethods and not grow personally and professionally.  Our core values are a big deal to us, and we discuss them regularly to ensure we are all aligned with the same vision and values.  It’s a company that promotes constant learning, community, transparency, integrity, and trust.  It truly is the best place to work.”

Fun Fact:
I love Crossfit and black coffee!

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